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Very nice and helpful people that work there.
Philip Matchett
The staff are caring and compassionate towards their patients.
Mary Joy Kellum (Inday Joy)
My father arrived here after his operation. He is doing rehabilitation. The staff are so helpful it is unbelievable. My father is so well taken care of by all the staff. I don't have to be concerned. When I see the smile on my father's face, it speaks volumes. We are truly blessed to be working with this company for the care of my father. If you are looking for a quality care place for a loved one I would highly recommend them.
Jill Moore
Ocala Oaks is the cleanest nursing home I was ever in.The staff starting with the administrator to all dept.heads an housekeepig,dietary,therapy and maint.are very friendly and they always help you.I would recommend this facility to everyone!!!!
Sharon Spike
What a pleasant surprise! Also, a pleasure to visit some long time dear friends at Ocala Oaks Rehabilitation Center. What made it such a pleasure was the staff and cleanliness of the facility. Quality genuine caring service is hard to find. Thank you for taking such good care of my friends the Dempsey’s. I am truly thankful they are in such a clean safe environment.
Donnetta Wolf
Both my wife's parents reside here. Have for about 2years. Always clean when we come. Dad's health improved with the good care they receive. They both like the food. He is 96 and almost blind. She is 87 with dementia. We are so happy with their care and the good communication we have with the staff. We know they are in a safe place and for us is a great relief.
Best rehab center, they have a great maintenance department. Robert and Steve are great. A special thank you to the Therapy department. Alysha is a fantastic therapist. Has done a fantastic job. Thank you
All the staff here at Ocala oaks were so attentive, compassionate, professional would highly recommend this rehabilitation facility
Rogers Primm
My wife is a resident at Ocala Oaks and has been for a couple of weeks. I am so excited to say because of the wonderful care they have provided I will be able to take her home next week!! If she ever needs to go back to rehab Ocala Oaks would be my Only choice! Thank you to the whole team from the administrative staff to the nurses and aides who care for her to the amazing rehab team who have been such a help in getting her back on her feet!
Dennis Smith
Very friendly staff. Informed us of all responsibilities and rights. They have my mother in law's best interests at heart. Thank you!
Patricia Bothwell
My brother-in-law came in here a while ago I wasn't sure how it was going to go but I have to say there's not a person in this building that is not personal with all of its residents. I have been in every office in this building. I have been in the social service office quite a few times and she been helpful I just want to say thank you to all the staff for your kind words and all your kind hearts
Dianne Princinsky
The staff is wonderful, my mother has received the best care at Ocala Oaks. I feel comfortable that she has 24 hour care and the staff is courteous and kind. I am truly grateful for them.
Mary Rider
My experience with Ocala oaks has been a great one. Kristie, who assisted in getting my father moved from Jacksonville, to Ocala made it a smooth transition. I could not have done it without her. Others who have really helped is Angie, Sherry and Corina. You guys are great and I thank God for all you do for my dad.
Tyrone Hodges
I have my son, 44 years old, and my mom, 87 years old in Ocala Oaks. I sleep tight every night, knowing that they are in very good hands. It is a very clean facility, and the personnel are our family. They treat my loved ones with respect and with so much love. They pay attention to their personal wellbeing. From administration, admission, receptionists, business office, social workers, doctors, nurses, nurses' aides, therapist, the food department, the staff that clean, they are all great, they treat my family as their own. By the way, the food is very good. I tell you; I will not even consider any other facility since this is a great one. Estrella Cardona
Estrella Cardona-Novales
Very very clean !! People personality it’s contagious very very polite and caring !!
Raquel Concepcion
When my sister & I walked in looking for a Nursing home for our mom, We knew this was it! I actually got tears! We were set to meet with Miss Leigh! The receptionist at the desk was so friendly & accommodating, miss Leigh came out right away! We found out they had a female open.She quick looked at our paperwork and then took us on a tour of the facility as we went around the staff was so friendly, PT, OT, ACTIVITIES! WE THEN went to see Nursing Home area! Very nice set up, met nurses so nice! We then found out in a day later mom all approved and we moved her right in! We were so lucky and the amenities are patient oriented, they have an alternative menu. Room is great wonderful closet and drawers, got my mom all set up with her oxygen before we even got there! We can't say enough about them definitely use them for your family! Also want to say the people in care plan meeting are great! And ty to The Social Service perJennine She Rocks!!!
Cynthia Nielsen
Wonderful staff who are attentive and caring. I am a professional Guardian who has chosen Ocala Oaks Rehab Center to care for the elders for whom I am responsible. Ocala Oaks has a consistent and respectful approach to caring for residents and family.
RJ Mitchell
My Oldest sister has recently moved here and is very Happy. The staff is wonderful and quick to respond to any problems that may arise. I highly recommend Ocala Oaks for your family member needing short or long term care.
Charlene Cochenet
Attentive and efficient. My mother’s care is met. She enjoys the personal care that she receives keeping her body clean.
Artista Esther
I am very pleased to have chosen Ocala Oaks Rehab. I had a couple of friends that said that was the best place to go if you need to be in a nursing home and they weren't wrong. Ocala Oaks Rehab has gone above and beyond for my loved one. The facility is very clean (doesn't smell like a nursing home). The staff from the nurses all the way to the administration have been wonderful. A special shout out to the therapy team. They are the best. I can't thank them enough. Check them out, you won't be disappointed.
Cynthia Lowry
I have been in Ocala Oaks for one year today I feel better since staying as a resident as this is home now. Love the people here they have treated me with love and care I want to say THANK YOU to all of the employees and tell everyone this is the best place.
Sally O'Donnell
Yes I do cause it’s right next door to sonny’s restaurant
William Griffith
I am a new employee at Ocala Oaks. We have a lot to offer residents from nursing, therapy and activities. The staff really care about the residents.
Todd Gallop
We can't say enough great things about this fantastic facility.... Every person we have come into contact with has gone overboard with kindness .......and genuine feeling of humanity.....They set the standard so high that I would not hesitate recommending to any one who wants a superior experience.....
Candyman Kitchens
This is a special place and the staff work very hard to make their residents live better.
Michael Walker
Ocala Oaks recently provided care to a friend and everyone was good. The therapy and nursing teams did a great job. While it is not the newest building in Ocala, they certainly did an amazing job. It's not about what a building looks like as much as it is what they do. Thank you!
Susie Carey
This is a wonderful facility and the staff is caring about the residents and employees!!!!
Michael Andino
We had an amazing time at the events. Our son loves to visit with everyone. The Halloween party was so much fun can't wait til this year. They had great prizes and snow cones and games and coloring everything needed to entertain the kids.
Jessy Lockett
Ocala Oaks is one of the cleanest and most pleasant places I have visited. Christina Arocho as well as the other staff I met were very caring and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Ocala Oaks to anyone who is searching for a facility to place a loved who needs professional care.
Melissa Bradford
As a community partner with Ocala Oaks, I find that they definitely put the care in healthcare. The family that we refer to that I'll wait for him to come back happy. and well-cared for.
Alexander Powell
I have been an employee at Ocala Oaks since I moved to Florida in 2006. This facility has become my home away from home. There are many very knowledgeable and experienced employees in every branch of this well run and managed facility. Our residents are part of our family here and we have a sincere appreciation for everyone of them. We spend everyday hearing their needs and responding quickly with positive outcomes.
Cathy DePuy
I've worked at ocala oaks since October of 2018 and I can honestly say I feel like family here. It is a great atmosphere with even better staff.
Debroh Ordiway
I am a recentl employee to this build. I have been very impressed by the level of professionalism, kindness, and genuine caring I see throughout the facility. The staff here are attentive and helpful. They treat the residents as if they are family.
Rebecca Herndon
As a nurse liaison in the Ocala community.. I work with most of the rehabs and I have to say .. Ocala oaks has wonderful reviews from our patients and family upon discharge home about the care and therapy they received there I know the staff are extremely friendly and helpful every time I walk thru the doors .. Christina .. the liaison is always quick to respond to the needs of families and physicians for placement of patients
Lisa Johnson
The staff is always Friendly and Helpful. The staff Always treats the residents as if they were their own Family.
Ange D'Amour
One of the hardest decisions to make is where to send your loved one when they need rehab or Long term care. Being able to talk to the staff and have them listen to my family's needs has helped our family make peace with sending family to Ocala Oaks. The staff upon entry went above and beyond to comfort us. I want to thank Christina the Liaison and the staff for helping us with the process. Look forward to all the events and making Ocala Oaks a place we can call home
Tanya Jones
Ocala Oaks is an awesome place to be at and everyone there is really nice. I went there with my residents on some special events and it was always very well planned out and organized. My residents had a blast! What an awesome staff!
Annette Booth
The director of marketing is amazing nice friendly. The facility itself is a great place.I would recommend this rehab to anyone.
Cindy Smith
Upon walking into the the facility I was greeted with many smiles. After meeting with Christina it was clear that patient care was at the top of her priority list, a tour was offered without hesitation. It’s always a good sign when people take pride in where they work. I would definitely recommend this facility.
Laura Reynolds
Great Team of professionals at Ocala Oaks. I had a good friend who was a patient there for a while and the staff was incredibly caring and attentive. My friend truly appreciated the friendships she made with her caregivers.
Stephanie Scott
My residents and myself love visiting this facility any chance they have events. Great caring staff.
Lynn Rosser
This place is the BEST they Bend over backwards For your loved ones The staff is amazing Extremely Clean place Highly recommended
Tammy Feldmann